Meet the Hosts!

Dhafer Alfutayhi

Hi, my name is Dhafer!  Saudi student! I attended Boise State from 2012 until 2015 to obtain my bachelors in Human Biology and Pre-Respiratory Therapy! I’ve been living in the States since 2011 and am fluent in Arabic and English! I enjoy the outdoors and also like reading!

I am now considered a Boise resident. Coming to the US as a student was shocking for me as a non-English speaker! I’ve struggled with many things on a daily basis, and many people have helped me get through it. I want to pay it forward and help others in return! I‘ve been in Boise for awhile, so I know the city, which makes it easier for me to connect them with good communities!”

Dhafer is compelled to host by his heart for hospitality and refugees resettling in Boise. His ability to speak Arabic is so helpful with many families from the middle east. He also has a great grasp on cross-cultural relationships from his person experience assimilating into American culture.  

Janice and Gary Tuttle

Janice and Gary Tuttle are both semi-retired academics.  Janice now teaches part-time at the College of Western Idaho, and Gary runs a tax service.  And they do as much volunteer work as they can fit into their schedules.  

Their last school was an international school in Azerbaijan.  There were 34 languages spoken and a variety of cultures represented.  When Janice and Gary returned to the US, they settled in Boise.  “It’s a wonderful place to be.”  

Living abroad has taught them that people are all the same and all different at the same time. We are the same in that we are all basically loving people. And our differences are our diversity which is the flavor of life. They both feel that it is time to care for others, as others have cared for them.


Tim, Eliza, and Eva Agenbroad

In the midst of the global refugee crisis and the uncertainty of the refugee resettlement program under this new administration, we want to respond in love, stand in solidarity, and welcome refugees in our hearts and in our home by providing housing for refugees. We are Tim and Eliza Agenbroad and we are full-time volunteers with an international organization serving refugees in our local community of Boise, Idaho.

Recently, we were able to purchase a house with a partially renovated, detached garage. Our vision is to transform this garage into a guesthouse for newly arrived refugees. We are hosting our first family at the end of September, but we need your help to make this a possibility! We are still in need of furnishings to make this a comfortable place for people to live in. Check out the items that are still needed at Opportunities to Get Involved.