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LEAP Charities is an amazing team of talented individuals who have joined together to change the real estate ecosystem throughout Boise -- one of America’s fastest-growing cities. With the community’s support, LEAP has created four innovative programs that help vulnerable populations achieve housing stability and affordability. Find out more at What We Do

LEAP is hiring a new staff member through the AmeriCorps VISTA project who will build the capacity of LEAP by adding a new resource called “Resident Services (RS)”. RS programming will bolster the capacity of LEAP’s existing programs and housing communities. Resident services will provide or refer residents to services that address housing stability, such as rental assistance programs.

Job Title: Resident Services Coordinator

Hours: Full Time (40 hr/wk)

Posting Dates: 2/14/19 - 4/27/19

Member Duties : The Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) VISTA will assess the needs of residents of LEAP housing and programs. The RSC will conduct research to determine the best methods to address those needs while empowering and equipping residents toward brighter futures. The final step as RSC will be to work with each program coordinator to design and deliver a sustainable resident services plan for each program that elevates the quality of life for residents. The RSC also receives the privilege of designing sustainable activities that bridge residents with vital relationships, which could include neighbors, social service providers, interpreters, supportive volunteers, financial assistance providers, etc.

What is Americorps VISTA?

VISTA stands for Volunteers In Service To America. Through being a VISTA you are committing one year of building capacity at a local nonprofit and making a difference in your community while gaining experience in your field.

Benefits of becoming a VISTA include:

  • Gross monthly compensation of $1,026
  • Housing stipend of $300/month
  • Childcare benefit if eligible– paid at the provider’s monthly rate or the state’s maximum allowed rate, whichever is lower
  • Healthcare benefit (not health insurance)*
  • Choice of end-of-service award - $5,920 education award to pay back federally-secured student loans or to pay future college costs at a Title IV institution OR a $1,800 cash stipend
  • Ability to put student loans in forbearance or deferment while in service (CNCS will pay the student loan interest that accrues during the service term)
  • Travel Mileage reimbursement at the sponsoring organization’s designated rate
  • If a person relocates 50+ miles from their home to a new place to serve, they receive a $550 settling in allowance as well as relocation reimbursement calculated at 34 cents per mile (up to $1,000); they will also receive this benefit to help move back home at the end of their service
  • 10 days of personal leave; 10 days of sick leave
  • Non-competitive eligibility at the end of the service term

*For details about AmeriCorps VISTA healthcare benefits, please visit