Hosting is essential to creating a supportive and welcoming experience to guests of Welcome Housing during their stay (about 3 weeks per family on average). Hosts are community members who live adjacent to a Welcome Housing unit or nearby (hosts will not share a space with residents). The host role is focused on creating a comfortable environment, addressing needs, and overall hospitality. We believe that even this brief interaction can make an impact in the greater lives of refugees resettling in Boise.

Hosts make a 6 month commitment, receive an optional stipend, and have a variety of responsibilities, such as:

  • providing an orientation to unit, grocery shopping, and bus system
  • being a point of contact with LEAP staff
  • act as guest contact for concerns and property maintenance (relay to LEAP) 
  • providing assistance in case of emergency
  • participating in turn-over (move in/move out) as necessary
  • providing a loving and welcoming environment for guests

Logistics and services for resettlement are provided primarily through the agencies and collaborating LEAP team members. The main goal of the host is to be a welcoming ambassador of the community and to let guests know that we are glad they are here. 

Read more about this position: Welcome Housing Host Description.

If you are interested in becoming a host or to learn more, please fill out the LEAP Volunteer Form.