Get Involved

Volunteer your time to welcome newly arrived refugees into Boise!


Hosts live adjacent to a Welcome House and act as a consistent loving neighbor. 

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Host Assistant

Host assistants meet guests a few times during their stay to share a warm beverage and build friendships. 

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Unit Turnover

Every 3 weeks some members of the Turnover Team help to clean up a unit for the next guests.

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Property Maitenance

Skilled construction/handyman skills are needed on occasion for maintenance and repair of the units. 

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Housing Research

Help create an important affordable housing resource for Boise. 

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LEAP is in need of a part-time accountant to keep the books straight. 

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As we open more units, we are always in need of furnishings to make these houses into homes!

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A Rental Property

Use your unit for Welcome Housing!

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If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please fill out the LEAP Team Application.

Also check out other volunteer opportunities through our partner organizations.