Opportunities to Get Involved

Welcome Housing Host (volunteer position with stipend)

The goal of Welcome Housing is to provide transitional housing for refugees newly arrived to Boise until permanent housing can be secured by the resettlement agency. The hope is to create a ‘soft landing’ for Boise’s newest residents by offering a peaceful and welcoming experience. Hosting is essential to this experience and intended primarily to offer supportive connection and orientation. The host will live in a location adjacent to the Welcome Housing unit or nearby (hosts will not share a space with residents). Logistics and services for resettlement are provided primarily through the agencies and collaborating LEAP team members. The host role is focused on creating a comfortable environment, addressing needs, and overall hospitality. We believe that even this brief interaction can make an impact in the greater lives of refugees resettling in Boise. Read more about this position: Welcome Housing Host Description.

Coordinator of Fundraising and Volunteer Support VISTA Member (Paid)

For more information, please read the more detailed VolunteerCoordinatorJobDescription.

Property Owner

Do you have a rental unit within 5 miles of the International Rescue Committee (7188 Potomac Dr. Boise 83704), near a bus route, and a grocery store? If you would like to lease a unit for Welcome Housing (we can pay the market rate), please contact us!

Welcome Housing Host Assistant (Volunteer)

Hosts will be the primary contact for residents of Welcome Housing, but we realize there will be needs to delegate (help with transportation and orientation to various new experiences). There will be opportunities to collaborate in hosting meals as well. Host assistants will be partnered for the duration of time a family/individuals reside in the unit for the sake of consistency. Apply to volunteer here.

Property Construction/Repair/Maintenance (Volunteer)

Do you have awesome construction/handyman skills? Sign up to be on the list of people available for maintenance of Welcome Housing units! We may also be assisting families in the renovation of units to be used for Welcome Housing… Projects pending!

Unit Turnover Team (Volunteer)

We anticipate turnover approximately every 3 weeks (about 16 times in the year), and a team can volunteer for this once or regularly. This is a relatively small commitment, but hugely supportive for the service of Welcome Housing. Apply to volunteer here.

Donate items to furnish a unit

We will need items to furnish Welcome Units including: couches, coffee tables, kitchen tables, bed linens, bath towels, kitchen wares (pots, pans, utensils, etc). We will post the need when units are ready to furnish! If you would like to be notified please sign up here.

English Class Volunteer

Days: Wednesdays
Time: 5:30-7:00pm
Location: Davis Park Apartments, Community Room

bc-esl-logoThe class is run very conversationally and easily engages both learners and volunteers. It is a fun way to meet new people and learn about the many cultures of the world. Volunteers will participate in class activities and assist the instructor in creating comfortable conversation with students. Volunteers can also play with any children of the students for the duration of the class.

It is so nice to have the class at the complex to give residents an easy opportunity to practice English. They do not need to ride a bus or figure out any transportation since it is right in their own complex with childcare provided.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please fill out the LEAP Team Application.

Also check out other volunteer opportunities through our partner organizations.