LEAP Charities, Inc

LEAP Charities, Inc., is a nonprofit organization established in January of 2008 with the stated purpose of ‘alleviating human suffering’ through:

  • Organizing and leading community service projects
  • Providing organizational support to other nonprofits through partnership
  • Funding projects with the focus of alleviating human suffering

Historically, LEAP has been a parent organization to various programs both in Ada County and around the globe with this same focus. This is made possible through partnerships with local churches and community organizations.





Amanda Hunter
Coordinator of Fundraising and Volunteer Support Americorps VISTA
208-495-5327 (work)
208-871-3695 (cell)
Jamie Martin
Director of Relationships
Teddy Langhout
Onsite Davis Park English Instructor
Bart Cochran
LEAP Charities President
Co-Owner of Property People

Job Opportunities


Affordable Housing Specialist VISTA Member

This position will be entrepreneurial in nature and research heavy. The goal is to conduct research on current affordable housing models and the current affordable housing needs in Ada County. The Housing Specialist will then identify the most appropriate model for the local need and create an action plan to implement this new model. For more information, please read the more detailed job description.

Current Projects

Welcome Housing

“A refuge for refugees amidst resettlement”.

Because of the affordable housing shortage in Boise and the tight rental market, approximately 70% of newly arrived refugees get “stuck” in extended-stay hotels for up to 4 to 6 weeks. This is expensive and can drain a family’s resettlement fund before it is used for essentials (like a deposit on an apartment). These hotels also make for a difficult transition, as space is confining and the experience isolating.

Welcome Housing can provide a “soft landing” for Boise’s newest residents through hosted transitional housing at half the cost of hotels.

Resident Services

Delivering hope to residents of affordable housing through meaningful and intentional support services.

At LEAP we spread hope for a better future for our neighbors in affordable housing. We know that when the community comes together to support one another, the cycle of poverty is able to be broken. Our hope is that we are all inspired to act for the betterment of the community through the transformative concept of hope.

Currently, LEAP works in collaboration with Neighborworks Boise to provide support to residents of Davis Park Apartments through the following activities:

  • English class on Wednesdays 5:30-7pm, led by Teddy Langhout and supported by volunteers
  • Volunteer support for other resident activities led by Neighborworks Boise

Local Community Partnerships

LEAP currently collaborates with other local organization with like purposes including Neighborworks Boise, Glocal, Gates of Hope, World Relief, International Rescue Committee, Agency for New Americans, Thrivent Action Teams and various churches. Learn more about our partnerships.

Affordable Housing Solutions

Along with resident services, LEAP is focusing on the large gap of affordable housing in Ada county. Our hope is the discovery of solutions for the 8,095 deficit of affordable apartment units in Boise needed to serve those who are considered very low income and extremely low income (50% the median income or less).