Leap Charities, Inc.

LEAP Charities, Inc., is a nonprofit organization established in January of 2008 with the stated purpose of ‘alleviating human suffering’ through:

  • Organizing and leading community service projects
  • Providing organizational support to other nonprofits through partnership
  • Funding projects with the focus of alleviating human suffering

Historically, LEAP has been a parent organization to various programs both in Ada County and around the globe with this same focus. This is made possible through partnerships with local churches and community organizations.

Over its 9 year history LEAP Charities has been an incubator for many people-centered projects with Welcome Housing as the current focus.  

Welcome Housing

LEAPs latest project is Welcome Housing, which was launched in December 2016 to provide a better beginning for newly arrived refugees in Boise. Welcome Housing meets a unique need by providing furnished transitional housing units to refugee families. For more information about this program visit Welcome Housing.

Affordable Housing Solutions

LEAP is focusing on the large gap of affordable housing in Ada county. Our hope is the discovery of solutions for the 8,095 deficit of affordable apartment units in Boise needed to serve those who are considered very low income and extremely low income (50% the median income or less). LEAP is partnering with organizations around the city to seek out creative housing solutions.




Erika Ostyn
Coordinator of Fundraising and Volunteer Support Americorps VISTA
Molly Hughes
Housing Specialist Americorps VISTA
Amanda Hunter
Coordinator of Welcome Housing
Jamie Martin
Director of Relationships
Bart Cochran
LEAP Charities President
Co-Owner of Property People

Local Community Partnerships

LEAP currently collaborates with other local organization with like purposes including Neighbors United, Glocal Community Partners, International Rescue Committee, Agency for New Americans, Thrivent Action Teams and various churches. Learn more about our partnerships.